The Doylestown Kolbes

Bucks County is rife with Kolbe (not to mention Kolb) families.

There's a nice little write-up on the family's building in Point Pleasant here, but today I wanted to share a little article from a 1953 Intelligencer — and the photos that led me to it:
Widow, 91, Unhurt As Ceiling Falls
6-Foot Section Strikes Woman

A 91-year-old Doylestown woman narrowly escaped serious injury yesterday afternoon when a portion of her living room ceiling collapsed and showered her with one-inch pieces of plaster at her home at Broad and Union streets.

Mrs. Mary Kolbe, who recently was featured in the Daily Intelligencer upon reaching her 91st birthday, was sitting in a chair directly beneath the area when a six-foot section sap and showered her with pieces of plaster.

One piece completely ripped off her hair net. But Mrs. Kolbe has been in good health escaped with only minor bruises.

Her daughter, Dorothy, had retired to the second floor when she heard a cracking noise which was followed by a call from her mother. Upon reaching the lower level she saw her mother sitting in her chair covered with portions of the ceiling.

The fact that Mrs. Kolbe had dozed off probably saved her from receiving a more serious injury.
There was one photo accompanying the article. The caption:
MISS DOROTHY KOLBE, Broad and Union streets, points to ceiling in their living room where a six-foot area of plaster fell upon her 91 year-old mother, Mrs. Mary Kolbe, while she was sitting in her chair taking an afternoon nap. Several articles of furniture, as well as window curtains were damaged. Mrs. Kolbe came through the incident with only minor bruises.
In our negative files, there was an envelope with a bunch of gorgeous old negatives that didn't run in the paper. Check it out:

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